Tax Resolution

Filing taxes can be stressful, and refund checks are a joy. But tax problems are overwhelming, confusing, and filled with questions. Luckily, we at IRS Tax Doctors have answers. With years of professional experience in the tax consultancy and resolution business, we have the expertise to help you resolve your IRS concerns.

The tax code is difficult to navigate, and many experts spend years understanding the ins and outs of tax laws, including areas for audits and garnishment. Our team of Certified Public Accountants, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and professional tax consultants will work for you to resolve your tax issues with the IRS or the state tax board. We will examine your documents, letters, and requests from the IRS, and any garnishment or lien notice to determine the proper course of action to quickly, easily and (most important) cheaply solve your tax problem.

Many times, the IRS will request an interview or meeting with you. We offer professional representation to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, including lien mitigation and offers-in-compromise. We can even assist you if there is a threat of criminal penalty. You’ve worked hard for your money, and we respect that. IRS Tax Doctors works hard to settle your issues with the IRS so that you can keep as much of your money as possible.

What are some of the tax woes that IRS Tax Doctors can cure for you? We offer assistance with the following:

Audit Representation: We will act on your behalf during an audit
Criminal Tax Defense: If you are being investigated for fraud, we staff attorneys who can help
Currently Not Collectible: There may be circumstances where you are unable to pay a tax penalty or taxes due. The IRS will review your wages and assets – it is best to have professional advice in these cases.
Dealing with the IRS: Advice on how to best work with the IRS in a calm, professional manner
Innocent Spouse Relief: When you are being garnished for a spousal debt you did not incur – typically incurred by one spouse prior to marriage
Installment Plans: An agreement to settle a tax debt in workable monthly payments
IRS Tax Discharge: Debt forgiveness in cases of bankruptcy
IRS Tax Expiration: Explore whether the statute of limitations for your debt has been reached and whether the debt has then been canceled
Levy Release: If there is immediate economic hardship due to a tax penalty, the IRS can release the levy
Offer In Compromise: an agreement to settle the IRS debt for less
Payroll Tax Debt Relief: If you are a business owner with employee withholding tax problems (940/941), you need representation fast. The IRS is particularly aggressive in pursuing these cases.
Penalty Abatement: Sometimes, certain tax penalties can be removed. This is something a tax consultation can help you with.
State Tax Issues: Call us today to see if we have representation available in your state
Stop Wage Garnishment: The IRS has the ability to garnish up to 50% of your paycheck if a settlement is not reached.
Tax Lien Removal: If a tax lien has been applied in error (if the IRS makes a mistake), you can appeal to have it removed. This is where we, the experts, come in

Tax problems and debts are stressful and upsetting, but the professionals at IRS Tax Doctors can help. Our experience and success with tax resolution will get you to the end quickly, thoroughly, and with the respect and expertise, you deserve. Give us a call today!


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