Tax Consultation

Problems with your taxes, back taxes, or garnishment can be a confusing, sometimes upsetting time. Many people aren’t prepared for tax collection issues and can become overwhelmed. If you have received a collection notification or lein letter from the IRS or your state government, you don’t have to face it alone. The professional team at IRS Tax Doctors can help you cure your tax woes.

At IRS Tax Doctors, we specialize in dealing with the IRS after you’ve filed your taxes, and in cases of an audit or discrepancy. We employ not only Certified Professional Accounts, but also tax attorneys enrolled agents and professional tax consultants. Tax exemptions and regulations also can vary from state to state, and these, in turn, can have differences from Federal tax regulations. With so much legal jargon and accounting language surrounding the tax code, many hardworking people just get lost. If you have received a collection letter from the IRS, your first phone call should be to a tax consultant. At IRS Tax Doctors, we offer our years of expertise in the tax field to guide you through and IRS consultation as quickly, easily, and – most importantly – cheaply as possible.

What is a Tax Consultation? What can you expect?

Expert Advice from an array of professionals in the tax field. Our company focuses on one thing: protecting our clients from the IRS. Just as the IRS specializes in taxing your wages, we specialize in interacting with the IRS on behalf of our clients.

Experience with “speaking the IRS’s language”: the tax code. IRS Tax Doctors employs professionals with varied work experience in the tax field, from service to the law. Trust that the advice you receive is based on our successes in the field.

Insight from the IRS side: We work with the IRS and individual state tax authorities all day, every day. We have a thorough understanding of the rules, policies, procedures, and even the hierarchy at each of these institutions. Let our knowledge help you.

Peace of mind that your interests are being protected. At IRS Tax Doctors, we work with the IRS to find the optimal solution for you. We value your time and hard-earned money and will treat you with respect. We work hard to mitigate any uncertainty you are experiencing.

How might I be affected?
You may be facing a monetary penalty, owe a fine, or be unable to sell a piece of property. With the aid of IRS Tax Doctors, we may be able to remove tax liens, remove tax levies, and prevent seizure of your assets. We can also assist you with overdue tax filing, general tax preparation, or accommodate your family’s needs with customized tax planning.

If there must be a meeting or arbitration with IRS auditors or revenue officers, we can represent you. Many feel intimidated in these types of affairs – allow our experienced consultants to guide you and assist you through the interview. If needed, we can work with the IRS to set up an installment plan to pay or repay any taxes due. We can also negotiate offers-in-compromise on your behalf, and even help protect you against criminal action.

You wouldn’t attempt to treat a serious medical condition on your own, without the aid of a doctor. Your tax problems deserve a doctor, too. Give us a call, send us an email, and allow our expert tax consultants to help you resolve your tax issues so that you can live easier.


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